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Cancellation Policy / Charges

To avoid a full cancellation fee, you will need to cancel before 9:00PM the evening before. Please note: A “full cancellation fee” includes the cost of all add-ons and all walks for the following day.

Initial Consultation / Interview

(30 minutes) FREE

At this visit we review the information provided by you, fill out any additional necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys/provide lockbox, and discuss detailed instructions on the care of your pet and home. It’s also a great time for your pet & the pet sitter to get acquainted with each other. This required meeting should be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to service.

dog walking services

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New 9/30/23 Policy Updates

 Click Here for Document

. Charity and Fund-Raising Event on October 21, 2023
. Cancellation and Scheduling Policy
. No Job-Sharing Policy
. Pricing and Payment Policy 
. Reminder of Snow Removal Policy

Mid Day Dog Walking and Longer Cat Visit Options

*20 Minute Visit - $25

*30 Minute Visit - $30

*45 Minute Visit - $40

*60 Minute Visit - $50

Flexible services to meet your pet's needs and manage your budget.
* each additional pet is $5

* Holidays and Weekends - see Extra Fees below

All Day TLC Options (Dogs and Cats)

Platinum Package*:

     . $100 Day - Includes (4) daily visits, (3 -30 Min Visits and 1 - 20 Min Bedtime Visit)

     . Best for long vacations and active dogs

Gold Package*:
     . $80 Day - Includes (4) 20 Min Visits
     . Best for smaller dogs and budget friendly
     . Best for long weekends and short trips

Silver Package*:

     . $75 Day - Includes (3) 30 Min Visits

     . Best for older dogs that need a belly rub and short walk

     . Best for long weekends and short trips

Better than a kennel stay, your pets get to stay In the comfort of their own home and enjoy hours of visits each day from our loving and caring staff.  Belly rubs are unlimited and free!

We can also mix and match visits to your needs and preferences. E.g., (2) 30 min visit and (2) 15 Min visits

* Minimum of 2 full days required

* New customers must pay in-full prior to receiving any TLC    service

* Holidays - see Extra Fees below

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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services Pricing 


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Zip In / Zip Out Service - Cats Only 
15 Min Service $20

Great for cats that tend to hide that just need a quick check-in for food, water and litter box cleaning

* each additional pet is $5
* Holidays and Weekends - see Extra Fees below

Payment Policy

All bills are due net 7 days.  A 5% fee will be assessed for overdue payments every 7 days.

Payment can be by cash, check or by credit card through our PetCheck application.


Extra Fees

Non-Holiday Weekends - add $5/visit

Holidays - add $10/visit - New Year's Eve and New Years Eve weekend, MLK Day, President's Day (and associated weekend), Patriots Day (and associated weekend), Memorial Day Weekend, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Good Friday and Easter Weekend, 4th July and associated week, Labor Day Weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Day and associated 3 day weekend, Christmas Eve/Day (and associated weekend).

Extra Pet - add $5

Extra Mess - add $10 for excessive cleanup

Off Hour Visits (Hours are 8AM-9PM) - add $10 if we can accommodate

Scheduling Charge - add $5.00 - Our PetCheck application gives you the ability to do your own scheduling, removing any ambiguity about dates/times.  If after the first two weeks you need Westboro Dog Walkers to do scheduling for you, there will be a $5 charge.

Same day scheduling addition - add $10

Unplowed Driveway or Snow Covered Walk - add $10 plus cost of 3rd party removal if necessary (for safety purposes).